The First UL Photometry Report of its Kind

CULVER CITY, CA (FEBRUARY 5, 2018) – TopGrow Lighting is excited to announce the release of the TopGrow LED T5 benchmark report, the first horticulture photometry report of its kind. The report, compiled by the renowned Underwriter Laboratories (UL), measures the light output of TopGrow’s 24W LED T5 against a stock high-output 54W fluorescent T5 lamp using electrical and photometric measurements to compare the lamps side-by-side. The report, generated from independent tests conducted by UL, shows that while consuming 30 watts less in power per lamp, the TopGrow T5 outputs only 17 micromol/s less photosynthetic active radiation, or PAR.

“This is a win for us and a win for LED adoption in horticultural applications,” remarked Sales Director Joseph Hazani. “TopGrow Lighting does not promise better results using solid-state lighting, or LEDs, for growers, but equal results using much less power and much better lamp longevity. The more we can educate growers on the potential for this technology, the more comfortable they can feel with making the switch.”

Unsurprisingly, the TopGrow T5 drew substantially less amperage compared to the stock T5 fluorescent lamp. In the 4-lamp fixture used for the testing, the TopGrow T5 drew 0.9 amps versus 1.9 amps for the fluorescent T5s. Yet the TopGrow T5 slightly outperforms the stock T5 in red spectrum output by 2 micromol/sec of photosynthetic photon flux (PPF).

“We’ve had growers anecdotally satisfied with our T5s, but it’s nice to see the empirical data.” Asked if this report helps TopGrow Lighting build trust with growers, Mr. Hazani answered in the affirmative. “For sure. We are the first to market with this kind of data. In a nutshell, this data is what TopGrow Lighting is about: being technologically savvy and grower focused.”

The TopGrow Lighting T5 Benchmark report is available for download on TopGrow Lighting’s website, or can be obtained by emailing

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Founded in 2017 in Culver City, CA, TopGrow Lighting is an LED grow lighting manufacturer whose mission is to realize the potential of LED Lighting in improving grow system efficiency. The company fulfills its mission by offering state of the art LED lighting products rated with tens of thousands of hours of operating life and stable light color to maintain grow performance at a price point intended to sway growers away from legacy lighting technologies.


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